Manali honeymoon is considered the best honeymoon destination in India significantly because of its location . The city is situated in the hills of Himachal Pradesh (India) is considered to be the most aesthatic place to visit specially for your honeymoon, as the place brings with itshlef the most erotic and romantic vibes which add to the flavour which makes manali honeymoon the best destination for the newlyweds.The dashing snow fall in winters, the cold winds in summer and the beautiful mountain valleys makes Manali the drop dead gorgeous place to visit espacially for the honeymoon trips.

Manali was a backpacking capital of India for the honeymoon planning. As dirt track from Manali to Kullu was part of the popular hippie trail. Today it is tough to imagine Manali as a backpacker’s paradise.


Considering the present scenario the very first questioon which arises in the mind of the individual is that is it safe to travel to manali for honeymoon coz by travelling in the COVID era will bring life into risk.

The clearcut answer is Yes, it is quite risky to travel not only to manali honeymoon but eleswhere in the present times, but for newlyweds couples the honeymoons is the most important part of there life which they should enjoy at the fullest. The goverment of Himanchal Pradesh has tried to maintain the balance between the needs and wants of the current time. They have ensured that there exists the minimal risk for those who are travelling to manali for that they have taken the following measures.Only vaccinated tourist will be allowed.

A. Rs 5,000 fines to people not wearing mask.

B. To avoid Crowd, Hotels and tourist spots in the hills is reduced to only 50%.

Therefor make sure if you willing to go to Manali you take care of your stay in the city at the priorities.


Manali is considered as one the best places for honeymoon, and is preferred by many new weds because of it’s mystic beauty,bewildering scenery and Intimating atmostphere.


Apart from it’s beauty and charm. Manali is full of adventure and if one is planning to visit manali he must visit the ancient Hadimba temple, Solang Valley,Bhrigu Lake know for it’s junoesque scenery and the most important is the Rohtang Pass.There are defenitely many more but one who visit Manali shall not leave behind these exquisite places.

There are few more places specially for new couples like Jogini fall, the kullu valley,Naggar and Beas Khud make Manali the most romantic place for your honeymoon.

A. Jogini fall- Jogini water fall situated 7.5 km from manali situated ovar vashosht village make the waterfall one of the most romantic places for couples.it is advisable not to travel in rainy seasons due to heavy rainfall.

B. Naggar– The town is situated at the left bank of river beas at a very high altitude of approximately 1,800 meters from the sea level. The town has the ancient vibes as with it as it was the capital of kullu kingdom during medieval era, the town contains lot of ancient architect and the pleasent weather will definitely completes your Manali honeymoon trip.

C. Kullu Valley– Kullu valley is formed by the beas river between manali and largi. The valley is know for its temples, unbelievable beauty and magistic hills making it perfect for couples

D. Beas Kund– The lake is know for its scenic beauty, and is considered one of the best for treking in the region, every new couple should visit this place as it attracts the romantic vibes with it. And this place is shold not be left behind if you planning a good Manali honeymoon tour.


There are whole lopt of things to do in your manali honeymoon trip

A. Rohtang pass– reserve a day of your trip to Manali for the Rohtang Pass. Be bowled over by the lush green winding roads that slowly lead to snow. At parts of the Rohtang Pass, the snow never melts. Which means what you see and hold in your hands, could very well be ancient snow. Be a child once again, and let loose as you play in the snow and make your manali honeymoon trip a succesful one

B.Pluck your own fruit- Peaches, plums, cherries and litchis all eventually give way to apples – in every colour you’ve imagined apples to be. Which means there’s always a fruit waiting for you to be enjoyed in Manali.

C.Himalayan spas– On the outskirts of Manali are the hot water springs of Vashisht where you can detoxify yourself naturally amidst the pristine forests.Or, if you want to make a day trip of it, go all the way to Manikaran, a place of religious importance for the Hindus and the Sikhs. You can rejuvenate yourself here in the piping hot medicated waters. Manikaran has a number of options to stay if you decided to spend the night here. 

Visiting places like mentioned above will exhabit your manali honeymoon trip the fullest and will make your manali honeymoon trip the most remarkable one.


Manali is no different then the other tourist destinations in the country,in manali you have wide rang of hotels and resorts and you can choose the same according to your budget and suitability. In manali you can also rent a house but that completely depends on your needs.

There are lot of resorts and hotels near solang valley, it would enhance your Manali honeymoon experience if you get book a resort or hostel close to the valley.


Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Manali where the flights are connect via delhi and chhandigarh, you can also travel to pathankot via train and then via pre booked taxi or via local bus to manali or you can traivel via semi sleeper buses from delhi or chhandigarh to Manali.


It is advicable to travel to Manali between October to Feburary as May and June is considered to be the most crowded months in manali. Secondly It is advised to pre book your hotels or resort to be on a safe side as manali is becomming the most visited tourist destination in India and it becomes very difficult due to unavalibity, and if so available will be at a very irrational prices. And most importantly carry all the winter clothes as it is extremely cold in winter but even in summer the tempreture varies from 10 to 22 celcius.


Honeymoon in Manali is always considered as invogorating specially for new couples as the tempreture in always pleasent in the valleys which is very captivating and necessary for any honeymoon to be successful. The facilities in manali is uncluttered which enhance the experience of the couples. Manali honeymoon would be the best in the lot as manali got all the luxaries which is needed to make once honeymoon a meroable one.


A. Which is considered the best season to visit manalifor a honeymoon ?

Except july to september due to heavy rainfall which causes serious threats to landslides. The rest of the year is good to go to manali for a romantic and erotic honeymoon trip.

Winter- In winters the temprature declines to less then -1 degree at time with a shady snowfall, and if you want to enjoy the same winter would be the ideal time to viste for your Manali honeymoon. And for newlyweds winter is considered best in manali.

Summer- March to june is considered to be the ideal time to visit as the tempreature out there is very plesent with the melting down anf the clean blue sky make manali the gregarious honeymoon place. But the months in summers is the most crowded time in manali.

Rainy-nThe month between july and Auguest due bto heavy rainfall and the high risk of landslides, does not make rainy season ideal ffor your mnali honeymoon trip.

B. What is the famous food in manali ?

Sidu, Babru, Kullu Trout are few local famous dishes in manali which will definitely pamper your soul, the traditional Manali meal comprises of the steamed rice, curry and the cured based dish called mandra make the perfect afternoon meal for the couples .

C. How much does manali trip cost ?

It varies from individual to individual and the cost increases according to the needs and wants of the individual, but 10 to 12k is the approximate budget for the decent manali honeymoon.


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