Vrindavan honeymoon package is one of the best destination places for a honeymoon in utter Pradesh. It is the place of Krishna, where Krishna birth, also known holy town in Vrindavan and home of the temple. This place dedicated to Krishna and his love for Radha ensures that millions of devotees visit these on pilgrimages every year. This place is very special and beautiful for couples in a peaceful and worshipful place. Another best thing here, the significant draw of Kusum Sarovar is the night aarti, which is a perfect spot for enthusiastic shutterbugs. This place is perfect for your honeymoon.

Is it safe to visit Vrindavan after Covid-19?

Yes, It is Totally safe to visit after covid – 19. we provide all facilities to protect your health issues so undoubtedly visit here, we follow all the protocol. Vrindavan is a perfect mix of romance and beauty in the natural scenario so please visit be comfortable.

Why is Vrindavan one of the best places for a honeymoon?

Vrindavan is the best for a honeymoon, perfect mixture of love and tradition.

Places you must cover in your Vrindavan Itinerary

Govind Deo Temple

Govind Deo Temple is the famous temple of Vrindavan. This temple is about 400 years old. This temple is also known as Govindji Temple. This temple is completely dedicated to Lord Krishna. It was Raja Man Singh I who constructed the temple in the year 1590. This temple was constructed by using red stone and a magnificent look.

Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir is known as the “temple of God’s love”. It is located in Vrindavan, the holy city in the district of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, the temple is enveloped with piousness and natural serenity. It is a newly constructed temple, dedicated to Lord Radhakrishna and Sitaram. This temple is the most beautiful and quiet peaceful place for couples.

Kesi Ghat

Keshi Ghat is the famous ghat in Vrindavan. It is surrounded by majestic palaces, the Yamuna River, and Madan Mohan Temple. At morning sunrise is just amazing and relaxing. In the evening, Aarti is performed from 6 to 8 AM and from 6 to 8 PM. A huge number of people and priests chant Mantra is a very exultant frame of mind. Foreigners and natives both are equally allowed to participate at this place.

Shahji Temple

Shahji Temple is the most beautiful architectural, the white-colored temple exhibits exclusive artistic craftsmanship making it one of the most popular temples in the holy region. It is one of the prime attractions of the town of Vrindavan.

Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari temple is a Hindu holy temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is situated near Shri RadhaVallabh Temple. This temple is among the 7 temples of Thakur of Vrindavan including Shri RadhaVallabh Ji, Shri Govind Dev Ji, and four others. Bankey Bihari Ji was originally worshipped at Nidhivana.

Must experience things to do in Vrindavan

Vrindavan Parikrama: visit around all place in Vrindavan

Parikrama is a custom walk, all town in Vrindavan. It generally takes two to three hours to complete a walk around Vrindavan by following the path. It is generally done on Ekadasi. On this eleventh lunar day of the waxing and waning of the moon. Parikarma covers many temple-like  Tekari Rani temple, the Jagannatha temple, and the small temple of Lord Caitanya. 

Holi Festival: Festival of colour

Holi festival in Vrindavan in a different way to celebrate That’s called Ahluwalia holi. Phoolonwali Holi in Vrindavan is celebrated on the Ekadashi before Holi at the Benke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. Braj is famous to celebrate Holi. this is attractive and uniquely celebrates holi.

Brahmotsavam Festival: Largest One In Vrindavan

Brahmostsavam is a festival that is celebrated after 10 days of holi. Brahmotsavam is the largest festival that is celebrated in Vrindavan.

Try delicious food: Pedas

Pedas sounds crazy, it is the most famous sweets in Vrindavan. Pedas is Made in all desi ghee, the mithai from Vrindavan can also turn out to be the best kind of souvenirs. prem mandir pedas is most tried instead of local market pedas. if try this you will forget other pedals.

NidhiVan: Witness The Spot For Rasleela

Nidhivan is famously known for Krishna rasleela. This is the place where Lord Krishna is believed to have performed Rasleela with Copies. Nidhivan is always known for mysterious happening, here Tulsi plants are grown in pairs and other trees. sounds weird but people believe that these server trees turn into Copies at night when Krishna visit.

Travel tips for your Vridavan tour

Firstly know about the place, which places are most completed in honeymoon place.

Read the customer review.

Know about accommodation option, which is best.

Know the culture and tradition of this place.


This blog is all about “Honeymoon packages in Vrindavan” we understood all these things about Vrindavan honeymoon packages which are the best beaches, resorts and which are most amazing there. What we offer, we have mentioned here

Is it safe to visit Vrindavan after Covid-19? Why is Vrindavan one of the best places for a honeymoon?, Places you must cover in your Vrindavan Itinerary, Must experience things to do in Vrindavan, Where to stay in Vrindavan?, How to Reach to Vrindavan Travel tips for your Vrindavan tour. May the place will welcome you with arms wide open of affection and love, natural scenario, Ride your journey through the paradise of love with your better half. A honeymoon is an opportunity for a couple to know each other, love each other and understand each other. We wish you all the best in your honeymoon planning.

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